DJ Fade Shares Insights on Bad Bunny Tapping into Jersey Club Music

DJ Fade of NJ recently gained recognition for his notable feature in Vibe Magazine. In a recent Instagram post, he expressed his appreciation for artists like Bad Bunny and Beyoncé for their contributions in elevating the Jersey Club sound to new heights. However, DJ Fade also highlighted the importance of involving producers who have played a significant role in shaping the genre.

The Vibe Magazine feature not only showcases DJ Fade's perspective but also underscores the influence and impact of the Jersey Club sound on the music industry. It serves as a platform to discuss the evolution of the genre and the potential for further collaborations that honor its roots.

DJ Fade's statement in Vibe Magazine offers valuable insights into the current state of the Jersey Club scene and opens up discussions on the significance of recognizing and involving the genre's pioneering producers. This feature further solidifies DJ Fade's position as a respected figure in the industry and highlights his dedication to preserving the authenticity and integrity of Jersey Club music.





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